Portfolio Management

Building a tax efficient, international investment portfolio

We recognise that every investor is an individual requiring an individual strategy, and we keep this in mind as we search out the most appropriate mix of investments for each one of them.

We spend time with every client to ensure that we understand their needs, the level of risk they are willing to accept, and the objectives they expect from their wealth management plan. As an expatriate, you have a great opportunity to establish a tax-efficient, international, life-assurance policy to ‘wrap’ a diverse mix of investment products.

This type of ‘lump-sum’ investment is best suited to an investor able to maintain a capital deposit for a minimum of five years.

Only the best financial products & services

It is especially important to ensure that the life-assurance company providing the structure for your wealth management plan is secure, professional and based in the most tax-efficient environment.

  • We are Regulated and Compliant wherever we work;
  • We are a Founding Member of FEIFA (Federation of European Independent Financial Advisers);
  • We are Qualified and Competent;

Our standard process

We ensure that we establish the most effective wealth management plan by using a systematic process.
There are hundreds of reasons why people want to save, but top of the list for many of our clients

  • Early contact telephone & email
  • General discussion during meetings
  • Fact finding during initial & follow-up meetings
  • Proposal based on fact-find and discussions
  • Consideration of proposal
  • Review & acceptance of wealth management plan
  • Sign up to the plan
  • Regular review and information
  • Changes as necessary
  • Top ups and withdrawals in line with instructions

Please note that we do not sell ‘off the shelf’ one-size-fits-all investment products. We will only develop a wealth management plan for you once we have carried out a full fact-find, analysed your risk profile and discussed our proposal with you.