pigRegular Savings Plans

Building up capital

Not everyone has a large sum of money waiting to form the basis of a wealth management plan, but that doesn’t mean that planning should be avoided. Accumulation of wealth has to begin somewhere, and in our experience the sooner money is set aside for investment the better. It’s surprising how quickly the regular contributions swell the capital amount, especially when deposited into a tax efficient savings plan.

Working with you to calculate a sensible amount to contribute to your plan, we will establish a sustainable savings regime that you can increase in the future should more spare cash become available.

You set the timetable of events that you predict will require you to dip into your savings pot, and we will help you set up the plan to achieve your goals.

Making your income work for you

Building societies and long-term savings accounts served a purpose while interest rates were competitive, but the recent global economic collapse has made it almost impossible for high-street lending institutions to offer saving rates that are attractive to most investors.

In the past, these traditional savers have been reluctant to move away from banks and building societies, but more and more now realise the need to look for an alternative if the return on their investment is to meet the objectives set out in their investment plan.

We understand that most people will not wish to take risks with their savings, and after we establish how much you can sensibly save from your income, we continue the process by assessing and agreeing your risk profile. Once determined, we will present a written proposal outlining the structure of the savings product, the selected underlying funds, and the rationale behind the financial management strategy.

Why people save

There are hundreds of reasons why people want to save, but top of the list for many of our clients:
• Retirement • Property • Weddings • Fine art and collectables • Education fees • Cars, yachts and motorbikes

Please note that we do not sell ‘off the shelf’ one-size-fits-all investment products. We will only develop a wealth management plan for you once we have carried out a full fact-find, analysed your risk profile and discussed our proposal with you