What We Do

As a unique individual, we know that your investment solution should be just as unique. Our approach is to agree realistic financial objectives and risk profile with you, and then to couple them with our philosophy of diversification and active management. As your financial partner, we will work hard to achieve your goals.

What we do for you

How we manage your wealth

Imperius Asset Management is authorised to manage investments within tax-efficient, whole of life assurance policies, sometimes known as ‘personal portfolio bonds’. Once the bond is established, a range of investments can be placed in the wrapper for the purpose of growing the overall value of the life assurance policy.

Features of a personal portfolio bond

Personal portfolio bonds are established for medium to long term wealth management, but one of the advantages of this type of bond is in the investor’s ability to surrender it should he or she wish to. The second feature is that the surrender value is directly linked to the value of the underlying funds proposed by our investment specialists and agreed by the investor. An additional, and very important feature of the bond means that the investor can make changes to the underlying funds, and that these ‘switches’ do not trigger a capital gains tax disposal.

The benefits of a bond

The combination of the three policy features above, means that a personal portfolio bond is an investment tool similar to a unit trust, investment trust, share portfolio or deposit account, but different in that it does not produce income – and this particular feature can give investors a huge tax advantage over other forms of investment.

Underlying fund choices

Use of a portfolio bond structure within a life assurance policy allows the policyholder access to a very wide spectrum of investment choices, beyond the collective level of a standard assurance policy. The increased number of fund opportunities available, allows for greater diversity and more precise customisation of the personal portfolio bond.

Create Wealth…

Identifying and making the most of wealth opportunities for you and your family relies on the information and advice you receive. At Imperius Asset Management, we provide strategic financial advice based on your individual circumstances and will recommend products that we believe will capitalise on your current situation, making your income work harder and smarter.

Grow Wealth…

We appreciate that you want an investment strategy and portfolio that not only meets your financial objectives but is also one that you are comfortable with. We spend time with you to ensure that the products selected not only build towards your future security, but also match your risk profile.

Preserve Wealth…

No investment portfolio or vehicle remains static or unchallenged. We apply an active investment management policy that provides diversification, protection and liquidity to ensure that your portfolio protects the wealth that you have already established. If the climate for any given portfolio or financial instrument appears to be changing then, naturally, so will our recommendations.

Pass On Wealth…

We can help you establish a financial management plan that builds in effective tax, estate, and other succession planning solutions. By working together within your priorities, we can jointly explore and develop appropriate wealth transfer strategies and opportunities that fit with your international status
and unique financial position


…that’s uncommon integrity.